Wicca101 reading list

Title Author(s) Description
Wicca, The Old Religion In The New Age Vivianne Crowley Good intro to Wicca
The Spiral Dance Starhawk Witchcraft (with a feminist slant)
Northern Mysteries and Magick Freya Aswynn A.K.A. Leaves of Yggdrasil. Excellent book on runes and Norse magick
Buckland’s complete book of Witchcraft Raymond Buckland Thorough basic Witchcraft book
Complete Art of Witchcraft Sybil Leek Excellent intro book
Book of Pagan Rituals Herman Slater Book of common rituals
Drawing Down the Moon Margot Adler Good (but long book)
The Witch’s Bible Compleat Janet & Stewart Farrar Excellent (but complex) book
Spells and How They Work Janet & Stewart Farrar Good book on theory of Magick
Magical Rites From the Crystal Well Ed Fitch Book on Ritual Construction
Ancient and Shining Ones D.J. Conway Excellent Mythology book
Natural Magic Doreen Valiente Nature Lore book
Eight Sabbats for Witches Janet and Stewart Farrar Book on Pagan Holidays


The following authors are recommended by us, and it is a safe bet when buying any of their works.

·         Raymond Buckland

·         Janet & Stewart Farrar (and sometimes Gavin Bone)

·         Sybil Leek

·         Vivienne Crowley

·         Freya Aswynn

·         Starhawk

·         Leo Martello

·         Ed Fitch

·         Gerald Gardner

·         Alex Sanders