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Wicca 101 Classes

Welcome to the D/FW Wicca 101 Class home page. These classes will provide you with an introduction to the history, theology, traditions, and practices of Wicca, a modern religion descended from the pre-Christian religions of Western Europe. Following your completion of these classes, you should have a basic theoretical and practical understanding of the concepts and practices of Wicca, including the Goddess and God, the Elements, religious holidays and their celebration, ritual tools and methods, forms of divination, various Wiccan traditions and other allied neo-Pagan religions. As well as ethics and life-skills from a Craft perspective.

Even if you are not able to attend classes, please feel free to look around. We are always looking for interesting things to put  onto our site. If you would like a link from here to your page, please contact the Webmaster.

Last revised: December 30, 2002 .