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Class Information


These classes are taught by instructors who have had a long history with the craft. Any instructor will be well versed in the topic they are teaching.

Class logistics and guidelines

Wicca 101 is a series of classes designed to last about a year, meeting at a home in Arlington (This is in the Dallas / Fort Worth area of Texas) on Sunday nights from 7:00 - 8:30 PM. There is no charge for these classes, though you will need to provide your own materials (a notebook and any other things needed for specific classes), and munchies to share with everyone if you wish. There is no definite 'beginning' or 'end' to these classes, so you are welcome to start attending at any time. You will also be invited and encouraged to attend our open Sabbat celebrations, which are generally held on the Saturday evening closest to the Sabbat at the same location as the classes, although we occasionally have them other places as well.

What we'll be covering

These classes will provide you with an introduction to the history, theology, traditions, and practices of Wicca, a modern religion descended from the pre-Christian religions of Western Europe. Following your completion of these classes, you should have a basic theoretical and practical understanding of the concepts and practices of Wicca, including the Goddess and God, the Elements, religious holidays and their celebration, ritual tools and methods, forms of divination, various Wiccan traditions and other allied neo-Pagan religions, and ethics and life-skills from a Wiccan perspective. This understanding should in turn give you the background and tools you need to begin the practice of Wicca as your personal religion, to seek out and evaluate other Wiccan teachers and groups, or even to continue on your current religious path (if any) with a greater understanding of and appreciation for Wicca and Paganism as they are practiced today.

These classes will not lead, except as a first step, to your initiation or even dedication into Wicca. You will not become a member of a coven or circle, or of any Wiccan tradition, by taking these classes. You will, however, be well prepared to go out and begin your path to any or all of those things, and to practice your religion in a satisfying and beneficial way, if you learn what is here. The classes include lectures, readings, exercises, discussion, singing, dancing, handcrafts - basically, as much of the scope of Wicca as we can fit into the time we have. There will be a lot for all of us to learn, to think about, to explore, and to do.

Since these classes are held in a public place there are a few house rules:

1) No drugs or alcohol, and don't show up loaded.
2) Your children are welcome, but we don't have separate child care. You'll have to be responsible for them if you bring them.
3) If you are under 18, we need verbal and written permission from your parents/guardian for you to attend.
4) If you'd like to come to rituals, appropriate clothing (a robe or at least some nice, special clothing which is reserved for ritual) is requested. We do not work skyclad during the public rituals.
5) If you are allergic to animals (cats and dogs mainly), be aware that there are pets.
You will be a guest, so please act respectful of everyone and everything.