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This list is just a sampling of what classes we present. 
For a list of upcoming classes, please contact us.

Basic craft nature/history class
Nature of the Gods/Goddesses
The Elements
Moon lore
The Eight major Sabbats
Ritual Tools
Ritual Construction
Ritual/Circle etiquette
MOVIE: "The Wicker Man"
Wiccan / Pagan Traditions
Candlemas class / Open Candlemas Ritual
Spring Equinox class / Open Spring Equinox Ritual
Beltane class / Open Beltane Ritual
Beltane class / Open Beltane Ritual
Summer Solstice class / Open Summer Solstice Ritual
Lammas class / Open Lammas Ritual
Fall Equinox class / Open Fall Equinox Ritual
Samhain class / Open Samhain Ritual
Yule (Winter Solstice) class / Open Yule Ritual
Laws of Magick
Pantheon Class #1
Pantheon Class #2
Pantheon Class #3
Degrees & Rites of Passage
Energy working
Ancient Sacrifice
Craft Laws 
Five Paths
Review/Question & Answer
Color Associations
Divination methods
Divine Patrons
Stones, Metals, Crystals
Talismans, Symbols, Sigils, Signs, Signets
Energy work
More to come, so stay tuned...